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Music Video: Gosheven – Well Tuned Dreams

We already got the chance to know Balint Szabo within his 12z project in occasion of the group’s full-length last year on Other People – since that the multi-faceted producer has experienced a strong revolution, “trying to detach from the substantially distorted and unwholesome male ideal that he has been absorbing since he was born”,  and is now debuting in solo as Gosheven on Stephen Bishop’s Opal Tape with ‘Leaper’.

For this debut release the Hungarian producer uses a special electric guitar – whose strings can be placed in the stereo field – as the main protagonist of his sound metamorphosis. Breaking the rules of the out-of-tune Western tuning to focus on just intonation, Gosheven uses adjustments inspired by La Monte Young, Wendy Carlos and Ben Johnston to make the whole material sound slower and more emotional. Here’s a poem by the producer, describing this “caterpillar turning into butterfly” process:

I should have become really something
Like a male predator
Full of lucrative lust and firm beliefs
Based on persistency and commitment.

But I have become just the opposite
Strengthening my weakness
Laughing and weeping day by day
To avoid interpreting the so-called facts.

For now I withdraw myself to my mother’s womb
To suck my thumb with great care
Settling in the ever-beating
Unfathomable innocence.

Today we are happy to premiere ‘Well Tuned Dreams‘ alongside an eerie video which features apocalyptic footage of explosions (and various other graphical evidence of human madness), spaceships, children either playing or being controlled by adults.

The video recreates the admonitory and nostalgic tone embedded in the track; the soft guitar plucks – recalling some of Arovane’s ambient productions – are uncannily balanced by a spiralling retuned choirboy. A feeling of disenchantment reaches its peak when electronic alterations bend the melody, sounding like a carousel that has gone mad, rotating rabidly to then slowly stop.

‘Leaper’ is scheduled for release 12th May 2017 via Opal Tapes. Order your copy on Bandcamp


1. Island Of Unknown Joys
2. Whisper Of The Valley Breeze
3. Descent
4. Well Tuned Dreams
5. Levitation
6. Memory Failure
7. Excluded And Abused
8. Ascent
9. The Bad Spirit (Who Made Me Do It)
10. Sublime Fragility
11. Waves Of Innocence
12. Unbalanced Holiness

Discover more about Gosheven and Opal Tapes on Inverted Audio.