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Music Video: Dave Gaskarth provides a sonic tapestry for ZULI’s “CommProto”

When it comes to unearthing burgeoning talent towards the surface it seems like Lee Gamble has a knack for it with his UIQ label.

Providing a platform for up-and-comers such as Lanark Artefax, N1L, and Renick Bell, his latest release provides a sophomore set of tracks by Egyptian producer ZULI; who’s bending any borders between the worlds of grime, IDM, techno and electro-acoustic peculiarities.

With his latest release “Numbers” EP we at Inverted Audio decided to premiere a cut from the release that stunned us not only sonically, but visually as well, courtesy of the brilliant Dave Gaskarth.

Numbers EP is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Bow!
2. CommProto
3. She’s Hearing Voices
4. What You Do
5. Tongue Chomper
6. Foam Home

Discover more about Zuli and UIQ on Inverted Audio.

ArtistLabelReleased3 August 2017Genre