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Music Video: Uni Son – Acid Touch

We’re always engaged when a release is surrounded by art of a far deeper degree than the standard formula of a simple piece of artwork. Such is the case with veteran Belgian producer and DJ Uni Son’s upcoming album ‘Moments in Unity‘ on We Play House Recordings, which sees a dedicated website playing host to several videos from five Belgian video artists, and sleeve design by Otis Verhoeve.

One of these artists, Tom Schaek, crafts the video for our premiere, ‘Acid Touch‘, with a light touch indebted to analogue video techniques and visual craft that mirrors the album’s overriding theme of unity through dance music, without overproofing the concept.

Acid Touch‘ is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a good slice of the trusty combo of acid lines and classic techno/electro-indebted drumwork, welded onto a bassline that, try as one may, is exceedingly difficult to describe without thinking of the word ‘groovy’. Within a record themed on the unity of the dancefloor that is so sought-after, it could hardly be a more perfect genre than the kind of dance music that keeps the feet moving and the smiles lifted.

Schaek’s visual interpretation is far from complex, but the artist’s interest in working simply with coloured ink splashes in water and liquid light techniques results in an effect both sleek and refined — perhaps a homage to the simplicity of the dancefloor’s best ingredients. Despite working with simple materials, the video is mystifying; early on, red and blue spheres collide in a manner reminding of the microscopic cellular world, while later more complex structures dance like slow cosmic nebulae revolving in the far reaches of space. A perfect fit for the journeying acid track dancing underneath.

‘Moments in Unity’ is scheduled for release 4 April via We Play House Recordings. Order a copy via the album’s dedicated webpage.

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All credits: Tom Schaek

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