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Wolfgang Voigt lines up ‘Rückverzauberung Exhibition’ LP on Astral Industries

Ambient label du jour Astral Industries have announced their next album, featuring four live performances recorded by Wolfgang Voigt as part of his ‘Rückverzauberung Exhibition‘ series.

Featuring the otherworldly artistic talents of their longtime collaborative artist Theo Ellsworth, the record features four 15-minute sequences performed by Voigt for a Rückverzauberung performance. The eagle-eyed and longterm fans of the label will notice that the second release on the label was a live recording from Voigt, also in this series, although it consists of music of a slightly different timbre.

With the digital release only available via Kompakt and the vinyl distribution managed predominantly by the label through Bandcamp, this release might be a slightly more tricky one for the regulars to lay hands on.

‘Rückverzauberung Exhibition’ is scheduled for release 19 February via Astral Industries. 


1. Rueckverzauberung Exihibition A
2. Rueckverzauberung Exihibition B
3. Rueckverzauberung Exihibition C
4. Rueckverzauberung Exihibition D