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Laurie Osborne & Adam Winchester line up Wrecked Lightship album on Peak Oil

Following their double vinyl LP released last year via Midnight Shift, Laurie Osborne (Appleblim) and Adam Winchester (Dot Product) join the ranks of LA-based experimental electronic record label Peak Oil in February with their third full length album ‘Antiposition’.

Combining a shared love of refracted dubstep, jungle rhythms, and smeared electronics, Wrecked Lightship is a fervent collaboration project between the two UK-based producers. Their forthcoming album ‘Antiposition‘ delivers six tracks ranging from “wobbly interstellar ascension ‘Hex‘ and cavernous industrial dub ‘Bizarre Servants‘ to junglist murk ‘Sunken Skies’ and fractal shuffle ‘Diminished Ark‘”.

Wrecked Lightship are a fitting addition to the finite Peak Oil discography, suitably nestled between the downtempo laptop dub techno of Purelink and the data-mined ambience of Topdown Dialectic. The limited edition vinyl edition of ‘Antiposition’ features eye-popping lenticular artwork by Brian Close.

‘Antiposition’ is scheduled for release 23 February via Peak Oil. Pre-order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store.


1. Hex
2. Bizarre Servants
3. Antiposition
4. Sunken Skies
5. Diminished Ark
6. Sounding Bodies


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