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100% Silk celebrate 10-year anniversary with ‘2nd Life Silk’ cassette compilation

At the end of June, LA-based record label 100% Silk celebrate a decade of feel good vibes, tape-delayed glam and polychromatic verve with the release of their cassette compilation named ‘2nd Life Silk‘.

The 69 minute compilation celebrates the label’s decade anniversary “in the spirit in which it started: inclusive, interwoven, and independent.” – surfing between “memory disco, snake-charmer jack, eco-techno, spiral tribalism, diamond downtempo, breatharian house, skyscraper smooth groove, and mystic new wave fusion, riding different waves of the same sea.”

All artists  featured (or aliases) are new to the label, further strengthening the imprints spirit of inclusiveness and open doors, vs the ingrained clique-ishness of dance music.

The cassette is available in metallic gold labels in glitter-dusted doubled-sided photocopied J-card on 1 of 4 coloured papers: Lakers purple, smiley yellow, red velvet and ice blue.

‘2nd Life Silk’ is scheduled for release 25 June via 100% Silk. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Taped Over Memory – Transfer A
2. Blair Sound Design – Brass Grass (Dry Mix) 06:36
3. DJ Panthr – Ancient Air 05:31
4. René Najera – Movement
5. Head Kandy – Cluster 10:27
6. Indopan – Primers
7. Glo Phase – Shell Sounds
8. Cafe Ale – Away Away 05:47
9. Samsuo – Amongst It All
10. Soshi Takeda – Deep Breath
11. Loveshadow – Candlelight (To Albion)