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Premiere: Popmix – Hjernesutter

Copenhagen’s Axces Recordings is made up of Kasper Marott, Alfredo92, Popmix, Søren Kinch and Martin Gilleshøj. Thus far, the label’s output has been the kind of buoyant house and techno that’s come to be associated with Denmark in recent years. Their new EP by Popmix is an example of this sound at its best.

In its title, ‘Big Exchange’ may be an acknowledgment of the musical dissemination that’s been facilitated by peer-to-peer networks. Describing his new EP on Axces Recordings, Popmix seems to hint at this, explaining that the record is a product of years of file sharing and Youtube diving.

Refining the material dredged from the rabbit hole, the producer’s new EP offers a comprehensive survey of his colourful universe and is exactly the kind of upbeat fare that label’s come to specialise in. With influences ranging from eurodance to IDM, there are also large servings of trance, particularly on lead single ‘Hjernesutter’. The track, which is available in advance of the full EP, is a bright and bouncy number, ripe just in time for the summer.

‘Big Exchange’ is scheduled for release 20 August via Axces Recordings. Order a copy via Bandcamp.


1. Hjernesutter
2. Megas Kaninus
3. Giga Stream
4. Pirate Bay