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Allergy Season present Allergy Edits Vol.1

Now operating out of Berlin, Daniel Fisher aka Physical Therapy convenes the New-York connection for a fresh new series of edit-focused releases featuring the cream of the crop of the Big Apple’s techno and house scene: Terekke, Galcher Lustwerk, Via App, Young Male, Max McFerren, Fisher himself and more.

When asked about the origins of the undertaking, Fisher explains “It’s a project that’s been on my mind for a while. The two physical therapy tracks are from 2012. But really I just put out the call to a couple of friends and they delivered all these incredible tracks. Then max McFerren and Emma Umfang mastered the whole thing so it’s a family affair.

The compilation, made available for free download via Allergy Season‘s Bandcamp page, showcases some of New-York’s hottest producers around. L.I.E.S. staple and house-yogi Matt Gardner delivers yet another hazy charmer in pure Terekke style, drowned in sooty envelops and cosmic vagueness ; Lustwerk steps up with a mind-melting piano tune, flaying the same hypnotic loop to the bone effortlessly and White Material co-founder Young Male goes in with a nasty club-wrecker all set to turn any diffident floor into a blazing furnace.

New-York wonderladies Umfang and Via App dish out two crisp groovers. Umfang’s ‘Need Yr Luv‘ offers a stark contrast between a raw, hard-nosed drumming and sliced-and-diced sugary vocals whilst 1080p affiliate Via App drops a severe fragmentation bomb for big-rooms, pulsating to the furious beat of syncopated, broken-modem-like 4/4 mechanics.

For his part, Physical Therapy throws two mangled cuts in for good measure. ‘Sometimes‘ dances on the ruins of Stardust’s ‘Music Sounds Better With You‘, showing Fisher at his best with an unremitting shuffler ; echoing the original’s chorus with some ultra-slowed vocal rendition and spooky synth inflections to wrong-foot any expectations. ‘David (Jungle Reconstruction)‘ is – like its title aptly sums up, a broken-beat-driven reinterpretation of Gus Gus’ classic, stripped of its electrified-disco backbone to give full vent to a heavy-battered jungle leviathan.

Allergy Edits Vol.1 is out now, download for free via the label’s Bandcamp.

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1. Max McFerren – Try And Find Peace
2. Terekke – 2say
3. Head Hurts – Wud U Do Me
4. Young Male – I Choose Anger Edit
5. Draveng – Fine Day
6. Fatherhood – Loleatta on Acid Pt. 2 (Unprotected Mix)
7. Via App – Zisque
8. Kirk the Flirt – Dancer’s Track
9. Galcher Lustwerk – Old Edit
10. Physical Therapy – Sometimes
11. Complete Walkthru – Sole and True
12. Umfang – Need Yr Luv
13. Physical Therapy – David (Jungle Reconstruction)

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