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Antenna Happy releases debut ‘Pinto’ EP on Reinhardt Records + Download free remix of SOTO

Not that it matters, but Antenna Happy hasn’t been making music for the past 20 years. A lapse of time eventually coming to an end with the release of his debut EP titled ‘Pinto‘ on Reinhardt Records.

Call that a return to the source, or youth therapy, the EP has been inspired by Antenna Happy’s three-year-old daughter’s paintings, which you can see ornamenting the record. If Pinto was a painting, it certainly would be a Pollock-like canvas dripping joyously across its sun-streaked cavalcades throughout three tracks of a vivid and hypnotic tech-house mixture.

To celebrate the debut release of Antenna Happy, we’re offering a free download of an Antenna Happy remix of SOTO’s track ‘Confusin‘. A reinterpretation of their breaks-filled tunes crossed with 4/4 phases that the man recorded in memory of Sonia Akow from Botchit, also part of SOTO.

Pinto EP is out now, order a vinyl copy of the EP from Bandcamp.




1. Pinto
2. Fallen

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