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Arovane delivers an eclectic guest mix for Newtype Rhythms

Sometimes, good things come in pairs – in this case, good things come consecutively (via a collaborative release on Apollo Records) – as this week’s contribution to our sister mix series connects with our previous guest mix quite directly.

Last week Synkro delivered an emotive guest mix for Newtype Rhythms that coincided with the release of his latest collaborative EP with renowned German producer Arovane. Knowing that Arovane was involved was a big bonus for all parties involved; as we couldn’t help but ask if he was up to the task of providing a mix to the series.

The electronic maven has had a special place in our hearts, as his DIN and City Centre Offices releases remain indelibly true to the shifting soundscapes of IDM, capturing an essential moment in time where that world was evolving quite rapidly. In his mix Arovane provides an expansive set of tracks that go between the genres of acid, dub techno, jungle and IDM in effortless fashion. Arovane’s mix starts at around 42 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead providing some bass, breaks and even some house to start with.


00:00 – 41:56 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Skee Mask – Everest
2. Laksa – Dust
3. Justin Cudmore – Moment
4. Hodge – Recall
5. Pev & Kowton – Signal 3
6. Efdemin – Just A Track
7. Marcellus – Parenthesis
8. Sciahri – Heedless
9. Agrippa – U C Me
10. Martyn – Mega Drive Generation
11. Cocktail Party Effect – OOYFM

41:57 – END – Mixed by Arovane

1. Maurizio – M7 (Unreleased Mix)
2. Fluxion – Midnight Call
3. Markus Suckut – Parsec
4. Phonecia – Smotherbeat
5. Autechre – Blifil
6. Lusine – Thick of It
7. Plaid – Yu Mountain
8. Roni Size – New Forms
9. Aoki Takamasa – Hope
10. 30506 – VVV

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