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Gigi Masin’s Odyssey to Calypso

Gigi Masin discusses his latest album ‘Calypso‘ and his three-decade journey that has led him to become one of ambient music’s most celebrated artists.

Albrecht La’Brooy: Healesville

‘Healesville’ is pitched as an album to soothe the soul in troubled times and it undoubtedly meets its ambitions. It is the pause button for modern life, an essential piece of augmented reality that rubs at the fraying caused by every day anxiety.

Behind The Scenes: Sebastian Mullaert

Having recently guested on R&S offshoot Apollo, a home for more esoteric electronic wares than its raw and upfront parent, the label and Sebastian Mullaert decided to pull back the curtain on the creative process behind the final release. What this transpires to is a hidden archive of alternative takes and warm ups, about as far from a laborious mouse click exercise in front of a DAW as you can get.

Top Tracks 2013

We called upon the producers, labels and friends that we’ve worked with in the past to compile a playlist of their top tracks of 2013. Each list has been collated into a YouTube playlist for you to stream.

Anton Zap: Water

‘Water‘ is the debut full-length from Russia’s Anton Zap. In spite of being at least half comprised of material that has been released before (on labels
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Cloud Boat

To celebrate the release of Cloud Boat‘s stunning experimental debut album ‘Book Of Hours‘ released on Apollo Records we sat down with the London duo Sam Ricketts
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Synkro: Acceptance

1. Acceptance
2. To Be
3. Disappear
4. Recognition
5. Spirals
6. Illuminations
7. Mutual Divide (ft. Indigo)
8. Don’t Want