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Kito Jempere talks up ‘Sea Monster’

Set to drop tomorrow via Marco Gallerani’s Hell Yeah Recordings Kito Jempere’s ‘Sea Monster’ is a refreshing communion of sorts, bridging the gap between electronic, pop and house in one lush and multi-hued microcosm of delectable tempos and rhythms. We sat back with Kirill to discuss the birth of his sophomore LP, creative studio processes, and how this album confirms a clear shift towards a more live-friendly approach.

Kito Jempere: BAH029

Kito Jempere’s new slab for Bahnsteig 23 – the edit-focused imprint helmed by sphinx-like character Ziggy Sternenstaub, follows the steps of eastern European funk-punk and disco through four astutely re-arranged tracks aimed to enhance the original mixes’ bounce. Premiere the EP’s highlight ‘Melnaa’ within.