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In Perspective: Mosca

With a fresh new platter set to hit the shelves shortly, the sweet-scented ‘Cedar Wood State‘ EP, it was time to check what Mosca’s been up to. The Londoner sheds light on the creation of Not So Much, talks artistic control, boring techno and internet boom.

Mosca: The Greyhounds / Clinical Trial

Mosca’s ‘Bax’ days might be over – but then, every true chameleon knows when to grow and move with the rapidly changing seasons. Those garagey beats are still under his skin, no doubt: this is simply a newer and thicker skin which we are seeing.

Mosca: No Splice No Playback

No Splice No Payback is a bold and daring two-track EP, Mosca continues to push his music to unexpected levels, allowing him to launch his own label to release continually adventurous and highly danceable records.

Mosca: Eva Mendes

A1 Eva Mendes
A2 Accidentally ft. Robert Owens
AA1 Murderous (Vocal)
AA2 Murderous (Dub)
DIGI Accidentally (Dub)