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Mosca: The Greyhounds / Clinical Trial

Chameleons are, by definition, ever changing and unique creatures. Nature has designed them to adapt to the surroundings in which they might find themselves in. Exposure to the harshest of elements is a given and survival will only be bred by forcibly evolving time after time.

Mosca has, not by chance, become a member of this rare breed over the years: in fact, he might just be one of the most multifaceted around.

There were only two words I could think of to sum up this release: quick and brutal. Production this time round seems to have been mobilised with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine and both tracks are totally unflagging in their fervour, constructed for the dance floor with militant dexterity.

The Greyhounds has one of those drum loops that seems to charge in similar motions to that of a roller coaster: its prominent feature is the long, drawn out breakdown with some slick, emotional grooves chucked in for good measure, leaving the nodding head filled with the right balance of adrenaline and resonance.

Clinical Trial might just be one of those small masterpieces of the year. With the force of a thousand cannons, this industrial number begins as one of those unmerciful techno stompers before developing into a steely roller after loosening its initial tension. Percussion is tight all round and the dark, deep territory it delves into is not for the faint of heart.

As the final beat drops like a guillotine, there is a lingering feeling that Mosca’s ‘Bax’ days might be over – but then, every true chameleon knows when to grow and move with the rapidly changing seasons. Those garagey beats are still under his skin, no doubt: this is simply a newer and thicker skin which we are seeing.

Nothing remains stagnant. Music, much like life, cannot be predetermined and Mosca once again moulds himself into greatness. Let us hope that whatever shape he shifts into next is even more brilliant than the last.


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