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Riverside Festival 2017

With Glasgow’s Riverside Festival boasting an unorthodox city centre location and an equally impressive lineup of European techno acts we paid a visit to the festival to see what they could pull off.

Space Dimension Controller talks up “Orange Melamine”

Space Dimension Controller’s latest album “Orange Melamine” was recorded entirely on VHS tape during his teens in his brothers room, no less, the Irish cosmonaut answered some of our questions about the album and the dimension he’s headed in.

Moomin: Time Circle

Moomin’s latest foray is a three track offering of his typically dreamy and unique take on deep house, as well as switching up genres for good measure.

Mosca: The Greyhounds / Clinical Trial

Mosca’s ‘Bax’ days might be over – but then, every true chameleon knows when to grow and move with the rapidly changing seasons. Those garagey beats are still under his skin, no doubt: this is simply a newer and thicker skin which we are seeing.

Terekke: Yrlv

Terekke’s four track EP is made up of mostly techno/house cross over numbers composed with particularly floating textures, with ambience aplenty.

Coni: Comfort Zone EP

While some could argue that the Parisian has for too long lurked in the shadows of other peers and predecessors, Comfort Zone will surely leave no doubt in his stylistic capabilities, unleashing a four track EP of ghetto house goodness.

Fort Romeau: Her Dream

From a conceptual standpoint, the material works to induce the familiar sensation one might experience when awaking from a half-forgotten dream, where joy or even pained feelings submerge and break down into something more ambiguous.