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Ateq & Orion announce debut ‘Cyclorama’ LP on Pale Product

Pale Product is a new musical project and imprint by Giegling founder Ateq and Milan-based production duo Orion. First conceived by Ateq in 2019, then further developed with Orion, Pale Product first surfaced via Instagram on 1st January 2021 as a way to digitally archive their music accompanied with videos made by various artists.

Adhering to Instagram’s 60 second video post and grid format, Pale Product transmits alternating shades of colour and frequencies, with each video post becoming a product in its own right. The date is connected to that very moment in time, therefore if it is snowing outside they transmit a video of snowfall.

Following months of output, Pale Product line-up their inaugural 7-track long player named ‘Cyclorama‘ spanning ambient, electronica, deep house and downtempo tendencies.

‘Cyclorama’ is scheduled for release 24 June. Order is available from HHV, Juno and Decks


1. flood
2. p09
3. afternine
4. crown
5. ants III
6. dust
7. say bye


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