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Eleven Into Fifteen

The tracks that glance backwards in this 130701 compilation remind the listener of the now familiar sounds that the label helped to invent. But it is the pieces that look forward, which sound new and exciting, that gesture towards the roads yet to be travelled.

Kilchhofer: Dersu

Marionette’s fourth release arrives from Swiss producer Benjamin Kilchhofer, better known for his work on Holger under the alias Timoka. The sounds of ’Dersu’ derive from modular synth patches and Kilchhofer’s own field recordings, continuing Marionette’s association with idiosyncratic melodies and analogue overtones.

Sinner DC: MEG/CDG

Minus the overbearing concept surrounding it, MEG / CDG presents itself as a solid if not spectacular point of continuation in Sinner DC’s fairly extensive discography.

Maxim Wolyzn: Affirm, Deny, Reconcile

In its supple and beguiling tones, ‘Affirm, Deny, Reconcile’ presents itself as enjoyable, if un-showy, example of a continuing movement towards slower BPMs and looser ideas of what constitutes dance-music.

Jeff Mills: Light from the Outside World at the Barbican

If classical music, at least in aesthetic terms, presents tradition and the known, then during these performances Mills electronics have succeeded by working from within and alongside it, pushing its borders outwards toward the strange and unknown.

130701: Pioneers of Post Classical

Following the announcement of the relaunch of the post-classical imprint 130701 – We caught up with label boss Dave Howell to discuss the history of the label and its involvement in establishing one of the musical epochs of our time. Dave also compiles a playlist of his top 130701 releases.

Hauschka: 2.11.14

Recorded at Artegio, in the southern city of Yufu, the off-the-cuff pieces – perfunctorily titled Part 1 and Part 2 – were performed on a piano prepared with a “handful of artifacts” and hooked up to 12 microphones and a sub-mixer.

Seb Wildblood

To celebrate the release of his debut album “Foreign Parts” on his own SW imprint, we caught up with Seb Wildblood to discuss the makings of his album and the ethos behind his ‘Church’ record label and event residency at Corsica Studios.

Laurine Frost : A Fading Virtue By Passing Time

Frost is a producer with an ear for unusual compositions and Marionette a platform for those with ambitious vision. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another year until we hear what Marionette have for us next.

Delia Gonzalez: In Remembrance

This is a record that slots into the exciting things happening in the fields of modern classical and analogue techno, and yet simultaneously stands on its own in that it sounds like absolutely nothing else that has been released this year.

Burnt Friedman

Burnt Friedman serves up an hours mix of hypnotic polyrhythms, dubby corridors and cerebrally ­stimulating audio patterns. Friedman also speak about why 2015 is likely to be a busy twelve ­months for him and his label Nonplace.

Leandro Fresco

Leandro Fresco serves up an hours worth of Pop Ambient inspired music to help celebrate the release of his new album “El Reino Invisible”, the first release on Wolfgang Voigt’s newly established Kompakt Pop Ambient division.

Jake Chudnow: Shona EP

A solid start, both for Bloc and for Chudnow, but here’s hoping that future releases will see the warmth and energy that define ‘Shona’ matched by an equal interest in staking fresh territory.

Eric Truffaz & Murcof: Being Human Being

Like Bilal’s paintings and drawings, the elegiac and mournful overtones of this record finds its influence and informants in the unsettling aspects of our own historical moment. And like Bilal’s art, it shapes these influences into something that speaks back to them, making for a very human response that is almost impossible not to connect with.