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BASEMENT launch STUDIO with Massimiliano Pagliara, Ryan Elliott, Rose Kourts

New York’s BASEMENT club have unveiled the addition of a new room named STUDIO providing a more intimate and diverse space for electronic music.

Co-founded in 2019 by Tea Abashidze, Tyler Myers and partner GeGa Japaridze, BASEMENT have previously hosted an array of techno-centric club nights, featuring both local and international artists including; Partok, Regis, Young Male, Function, James Ruskin, Freddy K, Lychee, Tapefeed and Ron Morelli.

Next month the club unveil STUDIO, a brand new dance floor boasting its own Funktion One sound system complimented by the rooms industrial aesthetic. STUDIO debuts on Friday 2 September with performances from Massimiliano Pagliara, Ryan Elliott and Brooklyn-based selector Rose Kourts.

Upcoming events in September include sought after performances from Schake, Efdemin, Kim Ann Foxman, Carry Nation, Jacob Meehan, Interstellar Funk, DJ Gigola and Gabrielle Kwarteng.

September 2
BASEMENT: 999999999 / Volvox / Madness Of
STUDIO: Massimiliano Pagliara / Ryan Elliott / Rose Kourts

September 3
BASEMENT: Sugar / Ezy / TT
STUDIO: Schacke / Peachlyfe

September 9
BASEMENT: Regal / Mad Woman / Auspex
STUDIO: Efdemin / Lauren Flax

September 10
BASEMENT: Randomer / Philippa Pacho / Word of Command / DJ Clone
STUDIO: Kim Ann Foxman / Onio / Ultrathem

September 16
BASEMENT: Wata Igarashi / Alejandro Franco / Antenes
STUDIO: Carry Nation / Dee Diggs / Kilopatrah Jones

September 17
BASEMENT: Clarisa Kimskii / Ryan Smith
Studio: Jacob Meehan / Mark Louque

September 23
BASEMENT: Daniel Avery / Umfang
STUDIO: Interstellar Funk / Relaxer

September 24
BASEMENT: Anetha / Aadja / Ana B
STUDIO: DJ Gigola / X-Coast

September 30
BASEMENT: Juliana Huxtable / Egotot / Shyboi
STUDIO: Gabrielle Kwarteng / 8ULENTINA / Lydo

Basement September Artwork Monthly 1x1