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Beau Wanzer (live), Antepop, Usunov at Zur Klappe

On Friday 7 June, Beau Wanzer lands in Berlin, as part of his tour, to play an ultra-freaky live set at Zur Klappe joined by Inverted Audio founder Antepop and Leipzig-based selector Usunov.

Having forged a solid reputation as a bold, innovative experimentalist and mischievous knob-twiddler in the club-associated scene – with releases on L.I.E.S., Rush Hour, Jealous God, Dark Entries and more – Chicago’s Beau Wanzer makes for a special case in today’s electronic music game.

Molecular biologist by trade, the American producer tinkers with his analogue gear like a mad scientist; slicing, dicing, drilling down and through the superficial dermis of raw machinic spurts and variedly sourced samples to extract a sizzling juice of fractured synthlines, frantic scope distortions and off-kilter rhythms that goes unparalleled these days.

Tickets are available on the door. We strongly advise you to listen to Beau’s contribution to our IA MIX Series

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