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Behind This Wall launch record label with JoOrs & DJ Stingray

2016 saw our friends at Behind This Wall open up an audiophile basement bar in the heart of Hackney. Failing to disappoint, today they have stepped up their game with the launch of their own Behind This Wall imprint, debuting with a two-track club ready 12″ named “The Nines”, featuring JoOrs and the idiosyncratic DJ Stingray.

“A punch-drunk polyrhythmic experiment that melds together fractured 9 bar loops of ailing machine sounds in two distinct trans-Atlantic templates: one slung-low, unaffected & skittish from our stable monk-jack; the other a skittling, spectral tour-de-force from the masked sensei.”

The Nines is scheduled for release 20th January 2017 on vinyl and digital formats. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. The Nines (JoOrs mix)
2. The Nines (DJ Stingray remix)

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