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Christian Naujoks, Peter M. Kersten & Richard Von Der Schulenburg are ‘Sky Walking’

Christian Naujoks, Peter M. Kersten aka Lawrence and Richard Von Der Schulenburg will release their debut album ‘Sky Walking’ on 13th October 2014 through Dial’s sub label Sky Walking.

Five years ago the trio started a series of spontaneous recording sessions without any intention or idea. The only thing that held the group together were the immediate results hitting the three musicians straight inside their hearts.

Jazz as a metaphor of instrumental conversation, improvisation in the most dilettante way, science as a matter of exploring the opposite sound of what instruments were built to — these might be parts of a concept where there was none.

Evangelisti & Ennio Morricone, Gerard Grisey and the school of GRM, Psychic TV — none of the influences of Naujoks, Schulenburg, Kersten inspired the sound of Sky Walking as much as the rotten studio in a backyard of Smallville Record Store in Hamburg, including a definitely weird collection of instruments, some Russian microphones and the saddest sounding steel drum.

Lawrence featured ‘Our Literal Speed‘, the second track from the album, in his mix for Inverted Audio last year (6:12 mins in). Listen to the mix via Soundcloud.

Sky Walking is released on 13th October 2014 on LP and CD format.


1. Departures
2. Our Literal Speed
3. Sky Skye
4. Auroville
5. Pauline
6. Crystal Robe
7. Valentine Draft
8. Conversation Piece
9. Paradise

Discover more about Sky Walking and record label Sky Walking on Inverted Audio.