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Antepop delivers the latest edition of Delayed with…

Inverted Audio founder Antepop has contributed the latest edition of the ‘Delayed with…‘ podcast series for It’s Delayed – delivering an all vinyl mix, recorded at Cafe OTO in February 2022.

“The mix gradually unfolds from ambient, experimental, electronica, and dub to the finest deep house that would set an ideal mood for any given dance floor. With the accent on track selection and setting up the mood, this is a warm-up set done right.”

Antepop performs next at Above Below Festival in Buckinghamshire on Friday 3 July 2022.

Photo by Daniela Skeyki


1. Prime Minister Of Doom – Truth Inside Of Me (Skit) [All Possible Worlds]
2. Giegling – Untitled (Snippet) [Nachtdigital]
3. Basic Channel – Radiance II [Basic Channel]
4. Globex – Untitled [Acting Press]
5. DJ Healer – 2 The Dark [All Possible Worlds]
6. Golden Baby – Rainbowcoalition [Forgotten World]
7. Zum Goldenen Schwarm ‎- Aufgang III [FORUM]
8. Teebs – LSP (feat. Austin Peralta) [Brainfeeder]
9. PDP III – Walls of Kyoto [Shelter Press]
10. Huerco S. – Hiromis Theme [Opal Tapes]
11. Cloudface – w w i [Mood Hut]
12. Galcher Lustwerk – Fate [Tsuba]
13. Telephones – Mariner (9.9 Mix) [European Carryall]
14. Juniper – They Came To Find Us [meandyou]
15. Rising Sun – What Happened? [Fauxpas Musik]
16. Will Long – Time Has Come [Comatonse Recordings]
17. Prince of Denmark – Traumwurm [Giegling]
18. Dana Ruh – Dirty Egg [Underground Quality]
19. The Other People Place – Eye Contact [Warp Records]
20. Leafar Legov – When The Morning Comes [Heidegluehen]
21. DJ Sprinkles presents K-S.H.E. – Double Secret [Skylax Records]
22. D-IX – Hugo [Giegling]
23. Prime Minister of Doom – Truth Inside [All Possible Worlds]
24. Rau -The Blessing [Giegling]
25. Jus-Ed – I’m Comin’ (Rmx By Levon Vincent) [Underground Quality]
26. Ozel AB – Orbit 416 [Workshop]
27. Huerco S. – Monks Mound (Arcology) [Software Recording Co.]