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Delroy Edwards readies debut LP ‘Hangin’ At The Beach’

Since his beginnings in 2012, LACR honcho Delroy Edwards has repeated full-length efforts via rough, coarse-grained audio collages of chopped-and-screwed hip-hop beats and raw house but never quite hit the proper album mark. A void about to be filled with ‘Hangin’ At The Beach‘, his first 30-track LP set for landing on August 5th.

Said to be “influenced by Northern California and Monterey and Big Sur“, the album makes for Edward’s most personal record to date, unfolding an impressive amount of cuts which we certainly imagine conjuring his signature blend of heavy-lidded atmospheres and off-kilter drumwork – as attested by the first extract ‘Born Rebels‘, which you can stream below.

Hangin’ At The Beach is released via L.A. Club Resource on August 5th.


1. H.A.T.B.
2. My Promise
3. Nervous Breakdown
4. Looking For A Fight
5. Safe Places Pt.1
6. Trigger Kids
7. I Love Sloane
8. Wild Animal
9. Bad Behavior
10. Brothers In Arms
11. Tunnel Vision
12. 10th Ave
13. Moscow Girl
14. Soldier Boy
15. Crime Spree
16. Powerhouse
17. Horsing Around
18. Blood Boiled
19. Born Rebels
20. Surfs Up!
21. By Myself
22. The Rocker
23. Trouble Nut
24. Numbnuts Hymn
25. Empty Pools
26. Safe Places Pt.2
27. Bixby
28. Ready To Fight
29. Bubble Up
30. Butterflies

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