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Dystopian label showcase with Rødhåd, Alex.Do, Vril (live) at The Steelyard

Berlin based record label Dystopian has illuminated the rough, melancholic, dark side of electronic dance music, providing an engine of creativity that’s best suited to long and dark warehouse nights. Fortunately for those of us that aren’t based in Berlin, Dystopian is coming to London’s latest venue The Steelyard on Sunday 3rd May bringing with them label founder Rødhåd, Alex.Do and Vril.

The brainchild behind Dystopian, Rødhåd, will headline, bringing with him a timeless selection of techno, that merges the deep with the gritty and everything in between. With flutters of house, his sets are balanced, engaging and always take the floor to the next level. Having really picked up heat in 2014, Rødhåd has taken Dystopian to the next level; positioning them as one of the most leading and innovative labels to have emerged in years.

A core member of the Dystopian crew, Alex.Do’s music perfectly suits the label’s parties, releases and ethos. His marathon DJ sets embrace decades of techno, house and dub. Breaking the boundaries wherever he goes; his sound is electrifying and best suited for those nights that feel like they’ll never end.

With limitless energy and constant variation Vril has become a champion of the live set; with each performance and moment totally different from the last. His sets at Berghain have become the story of legends, and his euphoric dubbed out sound will leave haunting vibrations in The Steelyard for days. For pure production value The Steelyard will be undressed in original Dystopian style.



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