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Everything you need to know about Matthew Herbert ‘The Shakes’

Matthew Herbert is probably one of the most innovative producer of our times, a shifty brilliant musical wizard who has changed the way of composing and listening to music since his first public performance in 1995, when he showed up on the stage with a sampler and a bag of crisps.

Herbert, has recently signed with Caroline International and has announced the release of his new dance orientated album “The Shakes”. Ahead of the release of the album in June, Herbert & Caroline International are providing a unique route to the new album for his fans by making one track and short accompanying film available on streaming and video platforms each week leading up to album release. Directed by Matthew himself, working with fine artist and cinematographer Margaret Salmon, each shot is a made up of a single shot, filmed in one take and set up as a moving equivalent of a still life.

Emma Greengrass, UK Head of Caroline International comments “Between now and the release date of “The Shakes” we will be curating an ever growing playlist that combined with the timely reveal of visual elements creates a calling card for this career defining album. Of course running in tandem will be a more traditional radio, TV & PR strategy but Matthew’s musical career is defined by experiment so we wanted to complement that with a more engaging launch strategy.

The Shakes, the producer’s first album under his moniker Herbert since ‘Scale’, can be considered as a sequel of the legendary and much acclaimed LP ‘Bodily Functions‘, in the attempt of ‘seducing the listener back to the dance-floor’ in a way that only Matthew Herbert is capable of.

This time Herbet uses sounds from objects he purchased on eBay. Used bullets, shells, on the purpose to use house music as a medicine for everyday challenges. ‘The Shakes’ focuses on the contradiction of this system that we’ve created but is designed to destroy itslef rather than flourish, exploring personal issues as “raising young children against a backdrop of an increasingly unstable world” through what he describes as “electronic music of the soul”.

CD and vinyl formats will include bonus remixes, plus a download card, which you can pre-order here.


1. Battle
2. Middle
3. Strong
4. Smart
5. Stop
6. Ones
7. Bed
8. Know
9. Safety
10. Silence
11. Warm
12. Peak



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