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Farr Festival x Inverted Audio: Into The Woods with Heathered Pearls

Heathered Pearls is Polish-born Brooklynite Jakub Alexander, whose career in music was deeply rooted before ever releasing his own. Curator for Tycho’s ISO50 blog, co-founder of the Moodgadget label, and A&R at Ghostly International, Alexander has been entrenched in the industry since 2002. He was first introduced to the power of ambient music by his mother at an early age, discovered techno as a teenager living in the Detroit area, and gradually learned to create his own vision of the genres.

In 2015 Jakub released his second album ‘Body Complex‘ on Ghostly International and what an album it is! From start to finish, ‘Body Complex’ is a work of art, full of imperfections and beauty, to be digested and viewed from differing angles. With only 10 songs, lasting under 40 minutes, it’s a short ride, yet there’s not a single track that isn’t part of the magic that fits into the bigger picture. Read our review of the album here.

The hour-long mix is always something a little irregular. I want to lock into this groove that expresses what my DJ sets are at that moment without playing anything I’ve ever played in another mix. I also want to dig up a few older tracks like this classic Audion track that I ended with and realize I don’t play enough. The main dilemma is getting in a bunch of tracks you want to share without hopping around too much and changing the energy and style of it so you feel good about it in the end.

With my 2 albums under my belt people might not realize that I’ve DJ’d for over 15 years because it doesn’t come off that way in the music, they might not know I actually love to just jump into deeper end Detroit techno when it comes to playing out. That’s what makes me feel the most comfortable and connected to the people that come out to have a good time, I try to capture that for the meat n potatoes in a mix. It’s fun to explore in a mix but capturing that glimpse of what I like sharing with people at night is always my focus in a mix.

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