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Gang Of Ducks: A trip inside Paradisia

A couple of weeks ago we premiered Ital’s banging contribution to Turin-based collective Gang Of Duck‘s first compilation. Gathering cuts from past, present and future members amongst which My Panda Shall Fly, S Olbricht and Datashock to name a few, ‘Paradisia‘ seals the label’s ambitious vision with poise and consistency.

With the release just out on digital and available for download at your regular dealers, the enigmatic crew take us for a track by track breakdown:

“After 3 years of activity we felt the need to release a compilation, to group some of our artists who had material to be released and to put the tracks together to form our first V.A. We’ve also included artists who will be joining the Gang in the following months, in order to create a good overview”.

Track x Track: Gang Of Ducks - Paradisia


1. Datashock – Tinder Maxi King

A psychedelic safari for adventurous cosmonauts. Data shock are the new entry in the Gang with a 4-track EP to be released soon. Radio vocals, desegregating loops and shamanic rituals, a perfect fit for us!

2. Haf Haf – The Features Of A Disgrace

Lazer toms, crooked structures and the good smell of a sweaty club. Back from Milano’s metro, Haf Haf. Forever part of familia.

3. Ital – Call Me

Ital, the dancefloor burner in the Gang’s house, with one of the most badass tracks of the compilation. Hissing vocals with piercing percussions keep the tunnel mood, wonderful neurotic techno from NYC.

4. XIII – Eocity

The post nuclear Eocity sounds in the dust. Memories of devastated tracks create unstructured echoes, rave-like drifts and prototypes of a collapsed techno paint XIII’s style.

5. My Panda Shall Fly – Smiley

MPSF and tape distortions. Smiley perfectly fits as an extension of Tape Tekno with agitated harmonic loop trapped with strong hi-hats A scratchy DIY sound processing.

6. Traag – Air Effects

Superloops and rubber structures constantly mutating with vocal samples collapsing under 1000kg of hallucinogen material. What’s left to say? Traag!

7. Oddgrad – Marcella

Oddgrad takes part in Paradisia literally throwing it into Hell. Electroacoustic terrorism dominated by arches played underwater and industrial explosions. Crawl on asphalt for 4 min e 44 sec. TNT

8. S. Olbricht – Female Motivation VII

Glassy arpeggios sparkle in Female Motivation VII, which carries on the F. M. series, the most arpeggio oriented part of Olbricht’s productions. Zapped percussions extend the mandala trip slipping on permanent ice.

9. Sabla – Vibrations

Bass lines and rattles open Vibration’s obsessive wormhole. Infinite rolling vocals in perpetual motion and the obsessive harmonicmake you lose in a dmt tunnel.

10. Shape Worship – Line3

icy textures and jungle breaks slide in submerged bass lines and into arpeggios creating an immersive micro clima. Line 3 splendidly fits as a ghost limb of Throughways. Keeping it rad as always.

11. Quicksails – Thrill

Excited to announce Quicksails joining the Gang. Thrill is a lucid dream journey made of lead synthesis fractals and plucked percussions dominated by a wave of bass lines which shift the tide towards a swarm of rattles and to the end of this Paradisia compilation.

Discover more about Gang Of Duck on Inverted Audio.

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