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Field Maneuvers launch Crowdfunder to raise £40,000

After a monumental edition this year, UK-based music festival Field Maneuvers have launched a Crowdfunder to help secure the grass-roots music festival from financial ruin.

Launched in 2013, Field Maneuvers is a DIY underground electronic festival in Oxfordshire, revered for its intimate size, potent lineups and ode to the free party scene of the 90’s.

Despite hosting their best edition yet, marking their first edition since 2019, the coffers are now destitute as a result of the detrimental impact the cost-of-living crisis and the legacy of the pandemic. In order to survive, Field Maneuvers have set out on a mission to sidestep debt and raise £40,000.

Keeping true to their approach, Field Maneuvers have enlisted multitude of rewards including; £40 for a FM2022 Family Photo + Pen + Sticker Pack. £150 for a Bomber Jacket. £200 for a Fruit Machine Tutorial. Plus the best festival perk ever, £1000 for a set of keys to your very own Luxury Private Portaloo at FM2023.

Dig deep and keep an eye out for our review of Field Maneuvers 2022. Photography by Courtney Frisbee.


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