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Florian T M Zeisig’s latest album ‘Music For Parents’ aids anxiety, stress and insomnia

Following the release of his ‘Coatcheck‘ LP – ranked pole position in our Best Albums of 2020 – German sound explorer Florian T M Zeisig has released his third album through Jack Hardwick’s consistently on-point ambient imprint Métron Records.

Composed of six tracks, ‘Music For Parents‘ is the result of a two year study of sound therapy, prompted by his parents purchase of a vibroacoustic mattress, supposedly aiding their acute insomnia. The album combines soothing soundscapes with core shuddering low-end frequencies.

“Music for Parents can be paired with a vibroacoustic mattress or wearable bass device to enhance a listener’s experience of the low frequencies. Zeisig will be teaming up with SubPac for a live rendition when gatherings can safely return, and frequently made use of their ‘Wearable sub’ while composing the record.”

‘Music For Parents’ is out now via Métron Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Dad Is Painting Again
2. Giving/Receiving
3. Dip Pool
4. Conversationalist
5. Apiary [Digital Bonus]
6. Smoking By The Pond [Digital Bonus]