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Galcher Lustwerk releases debut album ‘Dark Bliss’ on White Material

Today without fanfare White Material released the debut album from Galcher Lustwerk. To say this is a long time coming is an understatement. Since surfacing on DJ Richard and Young Male’s home grown imprint in 2013, with his debut release ‘Tape 22‘, followed by his exquisite 100% Galcher mixtape for Blowing Up The Workshop, demand for Lustwerk sky rocketed.

‘Dark Bliss’ marks the tenth release on White Material and delivers eight tracks of the producers trademark smooth sounding house embellished with laid back vocals. Having hosted a White Material party in London back in 2015 with label co-founder Young Male, we couldn’t be happier to see the return of White Material to the fold.

Dark Bliss LP is out now, listen and order the album via Bandcamp.


1. Catamaran
2. What U Want Me To Do
3. Yeeno
4. Yo
5. Lithuanian Water
6. Red Rose
7. I’m In The Coolest Driver’s High
8. Dark Bliss

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