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1. Peter Van Hoesen – Objects From The past [Time To Express]
2. Anex – Formlessness [Unreleased]
3. Biome – Swan [Smokin’ Sessions]
4. Andy Stott – Drippin’ [Modern Love]
5. Daega Sound – Let It All Go [Echodub]
6. Biome Feat. Fox – No Tomorrow (Soulful Edit) [Deep Heads]
7. Breakage – Ass Up feat. Dismantle [Digital Soundboy]
8. Mouch & Killeralien – Prisma [WattHz]
9. Duffstep – Together (Youandewan Dub) [Join The Dots]
10. El Rakkas – Seas Of Disease [LoDubs]
11. Leftfield – Chant Of A Poor Man (Mighty Quark Remix) [Hard Hands]
12. Martyn feat. Spaceape – Is This Insanity (Ben Klock Mix) [3024]
13. Paul Woolford & Psycatron – Stolen (Dub Two) [Hotflush]
14. Vlad Onu – Night Flight [Unreleased]
15. Matthias Springer – Slight Waves [Energie]
16. Terrence Dixon – The Study [Tresor]
17. Tanka – Make Some Music (Echologist Filthy Reshape) [Inhale]
18. Killian’s – Sun On The Beach [Cobra]
19. Yoshihiro Arikawa – Spark [Affin]
20. Barker & Baumecker – Sektor [Ostgut Ton]
21. DFRNT – Sunrise [Unreleased]
22. Oak – Escapist [Space Cadets]

Rites Wild: Ways Of Being

1. Ways Of Being
2. Ill Health
3. Thieves
4. Detached Living
5. Make Plans
6. Seasonal Shine
7. Work Ethic
8. Rites Wild Theme
9. Minimal Where
10. Signs
11. Deep Ocean Sands

Andy Scott: Luxury Problems

1. Numb
2. Lost and Found
3. Sleepless
4. Hatch The Plan
5. Expecting
6. Luxury Problems
7. Up The Box
8. Leaving


Last July we conducted one of our most in depth interviews with Deepchord, AKA Rod Modell. We discussed his past and present, as well as his  album
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Claro Intelecto: Reform Club

A1. Reformed
A2. Blind Side
B1. Still Here
B2. It’s Getting Late
C1. Scriptease
C2. Control
D1. Night Of The Maniac
D2. Quiet Life
X1. Old Station Park
X2. Heart (Warehouse Mix)

Brendon Moeller

Inverted Audio caught up with the prolific New York based DJ, producer and label owner Brendon Moeller ahead of his live performance at Fabric on Saturday
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Scott Monteith has been making music under the name Deadbeat for just over 12 years now. He’s originally from Canada and has lived in Montreal for
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Matilda: Protea

1. Protea
2. Protea (Deadbeat remix)
3. Protea (Exercise One remix)


Deepchord is one of the many aliases that Rod Modell has released music under during his illustrious career. His back catalogue is enormous, encompassing ambient and
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The Sight Below

In 2008 The Sight Below released his debut album ‘Glider‘ on Ghostly International. Since then it’s been well-received in selected experimental/ambient circles and in the music
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