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Second Woman: E/P

Ahead of the release of their upcoming album, Second Woman aka Telefon Tel Aviv’s Joshua Eustis and Belong’s Turk Dietrich, tease us with a four track extend player featuring remixes from experimental sound sculptor Jlin and Greek dub techno producer Fluxion.

In Conversation with Erik Kowalski: Casino Versus Japan

If you thought that Boards Of Canada was everything… think again. Casino Versus Japan is back with an 80 track compilation of immersive guitar loops and blissed-out harmonies. We caught up with Erik Kowalski over Skype to discuss how Frozen Geometry came into existence and dissect his musical leanings.

Out of the mist: John Daly talks up his new album as The Smoke Clears

John Daly returns as The Smoke Clears with an eponymous second album of spacious electronica and cosmic ambient – due out 12th September on Dublin’s All City Records. We caught up with John to find out more about his creative process, analogue dependence and asked him to collate some of his all-time favourites through a ten-track playlist.

Konx-Om-Pax: Caramel

Tom Scholefield’s music sounds like the work of someone who is used to visual forms of expression; analogue tones distinguish it from his animations which are often characterised by a digital sheen, but the album nonetheless lends itself to an almost synesthetic experience.