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Konx-Om-Pax: Caramel

Tom Scholefield’s music sounds like the work of someone who is used to visual forms of expression; analogue tones distinguish it from his animations which are often characterised by a digital sheen, but the album nonetheless lends itself to an almost synesthetic experience.

Norwell opens the doors to Grasslands

With just a few days to go till ‘Grasslands’ hits the streets, we sat back with Hungarian producer Norwell as he sheds light on his album’s organic look-and-feel, old and new kosmische influences and the fine harmony of the Farbwechsel family. Stream the LP in full within.

Space Dimension Controller talks up “Orange Melamine”

Space Dimension Controller’s latest album “Orange Melamine” was recorded entirely on VHS tape during his teens in his brothers room, no less, the Irish cosmonaut answered some of our questions about the album and the dimension he’s headed in.

Sinner DC: MEG/CDG

Minus the overbearing concept surrounding it, MEG / CDG presents itself as a solid if not spectacular point of continuation in Sinner DC’s fairly extensive discography.

The Valley And The Mountain

Mysterious production collective ‘The Valley And The Mountain’ gave us the opportunity to peer through the shroud with the team who, fittingly, managed to maintain their mysterious enigma.

Nackt: Virex

True to 100% Silk style, Virex reconciles the gritty with the polished, modernises the classic without disrespecting it and harnesses the beast within the machine without taming it.

Colours Of Observation

When Christopher Rau and Marieu announced that they were teaming up as ‘Colours Of Observation’, excitement was hard to contain. To celebrate Marieu and Rau speak out about their new project and deliver a wide-angled mix.