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The Valley And The Mountain

Mysterious production collective ‘The Valley And The Mountain’ gave us the opportunity to peer through the shroud with the team who, fittingly, managed to maintain their mysterious enigma.

Nackt: Virex

True to 100% Silk style, Virex reconciles the gritty with the polished, modernises the classic without disrespecting it and harnesses the beast within the machine without taming it.

Colours Of Observation

When Christopher Rau and Marieu announced that they were teaming up as ‘Colours Of Observation’, excitement was hard to contain. To celebrate Marieu and Rau speak out about their new project and deliver a wide-angled mix.

Sónar 2015

Jehan Harding and Tom Durston report their experience of Sónar 2015.


Applescal serves up an hours club focussed mix and discusses his forthcoming album ‘For’ on Atomnation. His mix features music from Dauwd, Stephan Bodzin, Nick Hoppner, Donato Dozzy & Anna Caragnano, Fort Romeau and many more.

Burnt Friedman

Burnt Friedman serves up an hours mix of hypnotic polyrhythms, dubby corridors and cerebrally ­stimulating audio patterns. Friedman also speak about why 2015 is likely to be a busy twelve ­months for him and his label Nonplace.

Gonno: A Life In Clarinet

There is a temptation to wave around statements of hierarchical quality when assessing a piece like A Life In Clarinet when put up against its label catalogue companions. This would be an unfair, as the sheer range offered by International Feel allows every release to stand distinct.