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Gonno announces ‘Remember The Life Is Beautiful’ album for Endless Flight

Japanese producer Gonno has announced the release of his second album “Remember The Life Is Beautiful” on Endless Flight, a sub-label of Mule Musiq, scheduled for release on 17th August 2015.

For over a decade Sunao Gonno has become an integral part of the house and techno scene in Japan. His musical productions have not only appeared on esteemed local labels like W.C. Recordings or Nitelist Music – they have also been released on international imprints such as Re-Active or Perc Trax from London; Beyond Recordings from Detroit; International Feel Recordings from Uruguay/Ibiza; Merkur Schallplatten from Berlin; and Tim Sweeney’s NYC-based Beats In Space.

For his new album”Remember The Life Is Beautiful”, Gonno has reclaimed the almost forgotten poetic art of a ‘musical journey’ and produced 10 tracks that unite ambient, techno, house and other musical styles into a mesmerising sonic trip. Even while his second LP ventures on a multi-coloured musical trip that sometimes lifts you up while guiding you into an ambient galaxy just a minute later, Gonno has managed to inject a story arc that reflects all kinds of life circumstances he gone through in the past decade.

“When I started DJing I thought I had to make ‘dancefloor-friendly’ music. But if you make music naturally for a long time you don’t feel comfortable with doing only dance music. I wanted to express my experiences from the past ten years, including the non-musical ones. That’s why my new album is like a journal of my life – I added an open-minded diversity to it that shows my musical growth.”

Remember The Life Is Beautiful is released on 17th August 2015. Artwork by Stefan Marx.


1. Hippies
2. The Worst Day Ever
3. Stop (album version)
4. Confusion
5. Beasts In Your Mind
6. Across The Sadness (album version)
7. Already Almost
8. Revoked
9. The Island I’ve Never Been
10. Green Days (album version)


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