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Half of Lakker’s duo Arad set to release debut EP ‘Haon’

You are most certainly less familiar with Lakker‘s discreet half Dara Smith than you are with Ian McDonell. While the second kept himself busy releasing batches of music on various imprints such as The Trilogy Tapes, Code is Law and Killekill under his Eomac moniker, Dara remained focused on their collaborative efforts and his work as a motion graphics designer rather than pursuing a solo producing career.

After years of studio experimentations, Dara becomes Arad and he is now set to drop his debut solo release ‘Haon’ via Speedy J’s outlet Electric Deluxe. The EP is presented as a “veritable feast of intriguing composition and influences”, switching faces with every track, from the rolling beat of ‘Basswave’ to the “screwed-up sounds” of ‘Fourty Four’ while ‘Gedup Awa Dat’ makes for an implacably forward-moving stomp and ‘NCS’ diverges to rather Warp’esque extents.

As the icing on the digital cake, bonus tracks ‘Grand Job’ and ‘Tapper’ propose a completely different atmosphere and prove if needed that Arad’s still got loads of tricks up his sleeve. Mark the date, ‘Haon’ is landing on January 19th.


A1/1. Basswave
A2/2. Fourty Four
B1/3. Gedup Awa Dat
B2/4. NCS

Digital only:
5. Grand Job
6. Tapper

Discover more about Arad and Electric Deluxe on Inverted Audio.