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Healing Force Project debuts on Berceuse Heroique

After being active throughout the summer window with both Vereker and Koehler’s releases hitting the shelves in July while the Duster Valentine/Jamal Moss split and Japan Blues’ EPs opened the Brasserie Heroique Edits series just a few weeks ago, Berceuse Heroique now switches weapons and welcomes Antonio Marini’s Healing Force Project to the label.

Titled ‘Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room‘, the two track EP delivers a mind bending mix of spacey techno and subtle jazz incursions. The title track unfolds an obsessive roll of murky techno while a far-echoed jazz trumpet brings a Jon Hassell-like roving touch to the whole. On the flip side, Hashman Deejay is on remix duty, unveiling a much clearer and groovy version that will definitely get everyone’s chakras wide open.

Last but not least, the record will see the black label-photocopied insert combo leave the place to a full art copy designed by PAN’s label boss Bill Kouligas. ‘Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room’ is released around the first week of November 2014.



A. Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room
B. Strange Apparitions In My Recording Room (Hashman Deejay remix)

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