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Recondite announces new album ‘Iffy’ for Innervisions

After providing plenty of finely crafted EPs of atmospheric techno on outlets such as Plangent, AbsurdGhostly, Dystopian and Hotflush, Recondite returns to Innervisions on 10th November with his third album ‘Iffy‘, following his PSY EP released a few months ago on Dixon’s imprint.

No big surprise here, as you can hear below with the first extract ‘Duolo’. Recondite is back in full effect, putting on display the same deeply melancholic synth waves that made his reputation, splashing like there’s no tomorrow over a 4/4 progressive leg-slicing machine. A promising glimpse for an eagerly awaited album.



1. Baro
2. Levo
3. Tame
4. Garbo
5. Buteo
6. Duolo
7. Konter
8. Steady
9. Glint
10. Jim Jams

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