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HÖR Berlin with Carsten Jost, Fred Mann (live), Antepop

Inverted Audio will broadcast live from HÖR Berlin between 17:00 – 20:00 CET on Tuesday 11 February, presenting three producers from our artist agency; Carsten Jost, Antepop and Fred Mann.

Under the alias of Carsten Jost hides none other than David Lieske, co-founder of the seminal deep-house bastion that is Dial. As a master behind the decks, Carsten Jost covers a wide span of hypnotic house music as much as he enjoys traversing more nuanced spectrums of leftfield electronics and further melancholy-drenched ambient.

Antepop is the alter ego of Tom Durston, founder and editor-in-chief of Inverted Audio, an evangelist of raw techno and deep house. Practicing his art through vinyl grooves only, his selection gives full vent to extended blends of widescreen electronics, rugged techno and deep house.

Fred Mann is a British-born electronic musician and visual artist based in Berlin, whose subtle craft could be defined as crag-hopping the outer recesses of electronica, rugged IDM, pounding techno and technicolour rave while setting these varied modes against a background of widescreen ambience and atmosphere.

Tune in live via HÖR Berlin Facebook or watch back on YouTube