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Inverted Audio Launches Fortnightly Radio Show On bloop.

On Sunday 9th March Inverted Audio will air the first of our fortnightly radio show on Internet radio station bloop.

Inverted Audio Radio aims to showcase the finest of London’s underground electronic music scene. Hosted by IA founder and editor-in-chief Antepop, each show will feature vinyl only DJ sets, new music and interviews from an array of guests, producers, record label owners and other influential figures in London.

The first show airs on Sunday 9th March from 8pm – 10pm GMT. It will feature previews of forthcoming albums and EP’s plus a vinyl only DJ mix from Antepop .

Listen to Inverted Audio Radio on your computer or download the app for free via the App Store.

If you want to get involved with the show, or would like further information please contact:


Download Antepop’s latest vinyl only DJ mix ‘Boom Boom Boom (The Sublime)‘ from Soundcloud.

Artwork by Fred Tomaselli