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Jay Daniel to release debut album ‘Broken Knowz’ on Technicolour

A leading light in Detroit’s new wave of techno producers, Jay Daniel has already built a solid reputation over just five years of activity – contributing releases to Theo Parrish’s legendary Sound Signature, his friend Kyle Hall’s torch-bearing Wild Oats, Funkineven’s Apron Records before eventually launching his own Watusi High imprint last year.


The Motor City-based producer will make his return on 25th September with his debut full-length for Ninja Tune sister label Technicolour. The nine-track ‘Broken Knowz‘ LP sees him give up on the abstract re-creation of rhythms via computerised drum-programming to flesh out his technical baggage with a more immediate, live-like approach.

To accomplish this, Jay locked himself in his mother’s basement, getting back to playing actual drums and recording them into a multi-track mixer – something he’d never done before. The result is a finespun trip awash with raw-boned funk and “founded on loose-knit, shuffling breaks with Jay’s signature keyboard runs marauding over the top“.

Broken Knowz is released via Technicolour on 25th November, pre-order a copy from Jay Daniel’s website.

1. Last Of The Dogons
2. Paradise Valley
3. Niiko
4. 1001 Nights
5. Squeaky Maya
6. $hake It Down
7. Knowledge Of Selfie
8. Boolin
9. Yemaya

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