Circus Company

Circus Company has served as a platform for brilliant, weird, beautiful, funky, funny, mindbending material from across the dance-music spectrum: most of it house and techno, but influenced by hip-hop, jazz and African music; more Pépé Bradock than Daft Punk. They’ve introduced the world to a side of Paris we never knew—not just characters like co-founders Sety, Kean and Nôze’s Freak, but also friends and family including Ark, dOP, Nôze, Oleg Poliakov, D’Julz and Antislash. Add to that the international members of the traveling circus – Audio Werner, Dave Aju, Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts, Mossa, My My, Miss Fitz, Samim, DJ Koze, Seth Troxler & Patrick Russell, to name but a few esteemed names—and you begin to see how far their tent extends.