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DJ Koze: Mrs Bojangels

“Mrs Bojangels” is Koze’s latest release, and is no disappointment. It’s been released through French record label ‘Circus Company’, fine purveyors of deep house and psychedelic jazz. Circus Compnay have released excellent EP’s from Audio Werner, Dave Aju, Peter Grummich and Sety, check out their MySpace HERE and have a listen for yourself.

The first track “Mrs Bojangels” is stunning. Earthy beats accompanied by a manic cow bell pick you up instantly. Koze progressively slidies in psychedelic effects, twisting and spiraling round a pounding bass line whilst vocals roll back and forth. It manipulates you, but equally keeps you on track.

“Dr Fuck” is deeper and harder, more minimal than the latter. Demonic vocals bring a depth to the unsettling and jarring beat. As the beat tumbles up and down, the snare drum kicks in, minimal but constant.

On first impressions the first track “Mrs Bojangels” was instantly my favourite. After a while though, I started to listen to “Dr Fuck” more and more, and in my opinion it dominates this EP.

As always Koze delivers a brilliant EP and is highly original, showcasing Kozalla’s production method brilliantly. Two tracks of pure madness and musical intensity “Mrs Bojangels” is highly recommended get it HERE.