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Listen back to a mix of soundtrack material from Si Begg on Newtype Rhythms

This weeks episode of Newtype Rhythms features a special mix of soundtrack material from veteran UK producer Si Begg. Between releasing maddening techno, breaks and experimental electronics, Si has also taken to scoring film and television (most recently for Netflix original series “Lovesick“), whilst incorporating those elements into an album called “Blueprints“, available now via Shitkatapult.

As per usual, the show starts with resident Sheepshead providing an intro course into what to expect – by providing a section of (mostly) anime soundtrack works, including an appearance from Radiohead who – yes – did provide a track from OK Computer to a particular series. Weird, but true. Either way, strap in and enjoy a stirring show that will hit you in the feels.


Mixed by Sheepshead
1. Yoko Kanno – lolol (Terror In Resonance Original Soundtrack 1)
2. Bobby Krilic – The End (Almost Holy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
3. Keichii Okabe – City Ruins – Ray of Light (NieR: Automata Original Soundtrack)
4. Makoto Yoshimori – Dry Harbinger (Durarara!! Original Soundtrack Vol. 1)
5. Hajime Mizoguchi – Latest Flame (Jin-Roh: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
6. Yoko Kanno – crystalized (Terror In Resonance Original Soundtrack 2)
7. Masahiro Ikumi – Virtual Mima (Perfect Blue Original Soundtrack)
8. Yoko Kanno & Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch – The Singing Sea (Cowboy Bebop O.S.T. 2: No Disc)
9. Makoto Yoshimori – Hohoemi no Kage (Durarara!! Original Soundtrack Vol. 2)
10. Yoko Kanno – We’re the Great (Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex O.S.T. +)
11. Radiohead – Paranoid Android (Ergo Proxy Original Soundtrack: Opus 1)
12. bôa – Duvet (Serial Experiments Lain OP)
13. Asa-Chang & Junray – Hana ~a last flower~ (Flowers of Evil Original Soundtrack)

Mixed by Si Begg
1. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Hand Covers Bruise (The Social Network OST)
2. Howard Shore – Videodrome Theme (Videodrome OST)
3. Clint Mansell – Welcome To Moon Industries (Moon OST)
4. Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow – Hacking and Cutting (EX Machina OST)
5. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Black Falcon (Patriots Day OST)
6. Mica Levi – Creation (Under The Skin OST)
7. Thomas Newman – Any Other Name (American Beauty OST)
8. John Carpenter – Main Title (Assault On Precinct 13 OST)
9. Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto – Second Dream (The Revenant OST)
10. Si Begg – Say It Was a Goal (Kicking Off OST)
11. Trent Reznor & Atticus – Ross Perpetual (Gone Girl OST)
12. Jóhann Jóhannsson – Heptapod B (Arrival OST)
13. Eskmo – Marcus (13 Reasons Why OST)
14. Mica Levi – Bothy (Under The Skin OST)
15. Tangerine Dream – Betrayal (Sorcerer OST)
16. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Complication With Optimistic Outcome
17. Si Begg – Analogue Genesis (Throat Trailer Music)
18. Si Begg – Rewind Play Stop (Kicking Off OST) (VIP Remix)
19. Si Begg – Dia and Bolical (Kicking Off OST) (Dot Remix)
20. Paul Leonard Morgan – It’s All A Deep End (Dredd OST)
21. Philip Glass – Vessel (Koyanasquatsi OST)
22. Si Begg – Thermal Efficiency of Power Stations
23. Cluster – Hiesse Lippen
24. Si Begg – Breathing Space

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