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Listen back to Inverted Audio January Show on Netil Radio

With 2019 behind us, Freddie Hudson took control of Netil Radio’s airwaves on Sunday 5 January 2020 to present the fourth edition of our monthly residency.

Much of the first half of the show consists of highlights from 2019, such as Andrew Pekler on Faitiche, Efdemin’s LP of utopian techno on Ostgut-Ton, and Leif’s album opener ‘Yarrow‘.

There are also a few forthcoming gems to listen out for, including new music from Venetian ambient hero Gigi Masin, ‘Workaround 2‘ taken from Beatrice Dillon’s exceptional album coming out on PAN in February, plus a track from Aquarian’s forthcoming album on Bedouin, “The Snake That Eats Itself”, which we’ve given plenty of airtime to over the last few shows.

From here the ambient opening gains an edge with forthcoming experimental material from Racine and Chevel before diving into dance music for the last half of the show. There’s also plenty on offer for the techno lovers.

Highlights from recent months were given play, with some notable new music from Mor Elian, Adiel & Anthony Linell plus Angelina Rose amongst established gold from Rune Bagge, Function and Rod Modell.

The show closed out with a more relaxed pace, starting with Caterina Barbieri’s ‘Bow of Perception‘ and moving via Andy Stott and HTRK to close on Elite Beat’s Panic Attack lifted off their compilation of select gems from the band’s run of cassettes on Boomarm Nation

We’re always looking to showcase new and forthcoming music, if you have something to share drop us an email using the contact form below.


1. Andrew Pekler – Description of Rain (Over Frisland) (Faitiche)
2. Teebs – Slumber (Brainfeeder)
3. Gigi Masin – Coraline (Forthcoming Apollo Records)
4. Efdemin – The Sound House (Ostgut-ton)
5. Leif – Yarrow (Whities)
6. Barker – Models of Wellbeing (Ostgut-ton)
7. Beatrice Dillon – Workaround 2 (Forthcoming PAN)
8. Aquarian – Letting Go At Arms Length (Forthcoming Bedouin Records)
9. Racine – Dèsordre Baroque (Forthcoming Danse Noir)
10. Chevel – Fed Enough (Forthcoming Enklav)
11. DJ Rubio – (+358) S-phyxi8
12. Move D & Benjamin Brunn – A (Forthcoming Smallville)
13. Angelina Rose – Amnesia (Forthcoming Infinite Plane)
14. Alan Backdrop – Dr_c (Feral Acid Jungle mix) (Harmony Rec)
15. Natural/Electronic System – Grecale (Forthcoming Tikita)
16. Efdemin – Good Winds (Ostgut-Ton)
17. Function – Golden Dawn (feat Stephanie Parnow) (Tresor)
18. Mor Elian – Planet Kismet (Forthcoming Infinite Spectrum)
19. ORBE – Eurofighter Typhoon (Forthcoming Orbe Records)
20. Erik Luebs – Lines In A Desert (Forthcoming C&R)
21. Adiel & Anthony Linell – Decoro (Forthcoming Danza Tribale)
22. Noah Gibson – Backstreet (Krasch Records)
23. Rod Modell – Scrawler (Tresor)
24. Rune Bagge – I Am the Solution (Kulør)
25. Planetary Assault Systems – Spell A (Ostgut-Ton)
26. Caterina Barbieri – Bow of Perception (Editions Mego)
27. Andy Stott – Versi (Modern Love)
28. HTRK – Dream Symbol (Ghostly International)
29. Elite Beat – Panic Attack (Research Records / Boomarm Nation)