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Mark Fell curates ‘Geometry Of Now’ festival in Moscow

Experimental electronic producer, visual artist and graphic designer Mark Fell has just announced that he is curating V-A-C Live’s “Geometry of Now” festival. The seven-day event, described as “an investigation of sound through site-specific interventions” will take place in the former GES-2 power station in Moscow from 20-27 February 2017.



For me the most interesting aspect of the space, an imposingly beautiful pre-Soviet power station, is its temporal physiognomy: a site of discontinuity between deconstruction and reconstruction. The building as active process, as opposed to passive object, challenges our basic assumptions about it being a mere container of ‘space’, as a hypothetically inert pause or primitive lacuna. These are sonically redrawn as intersections between an indefinite number of dynamic contexts; the place where possible histories and futures interrogate one another in a play of reciprocal disturbance.

Geometry Of Now will feature a series of installations reclaiming the raw structures within GES-2, an interdisciplinary lecture and workshop programme developed around topics in sound art studies and performances that reconfigure its architectural space.

For tickets and further information check out the website.


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