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To celebrate the release of Pop Ambient 2010. Kompakt have kindly provided IA with a mix by Popnoname. The mix has been created from a selection of tracks from the entire Pop Ambient series. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


1. “Express Yourself” Markus Guentner (Pop Ambient 2003)
2. “Manana” Gustavo Lamas (Pop Ambient 2001)
3. “Come To Where I Go” Dirk Leyers (Pop Ambient 2006)
4. “Bodenweich” DJ Koze (Pop Ambient 2010)
5. “Wasted Years” Ulf Lohman (Pop Ambient 2005)
6. “Nightliner” Popnoname (Pop Ambient 2009)
7. “All (Remix)” Mint (Pop Ambient 2001)
8. “In Lourdes” Triola (Pop Ambient 2008)
9. “Sakura” Pass Into Silence (Pop Ambient 2004)