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Amid the waves of new producers and talented prospects that break on the internet shores these days, there is a duo that we cherish particularly. While very little is known about their identity, it is safe to say that Jaures are a multi-faith church for the dance music rebellion. Putting on display some infectious dancefloor heaters with a particular taste for off-kilter drum patterns and multi-angled sampling methods, the two trailblazing companions keep venturing on steep grounds with the agility of funambulists. The guys nicely accepted to record a mix for us and answered – or not – a few of our questions.

Hello guys and thanks for the mix! It brushes a wide scope of sounds with a track selection ranging from Max D and Christopher Rau to Vtothed and Fishermen. What type of feeling and groove did you want to pass on here?

Hi, Baptiste, thank you for making this happen. Hard to say what we are going for in any way, really… The only thing we try to do is possibly not to bore anyone too much and to play music we really like, while being the dilletantes we are.

How and when was the Jaures project born?

We first met at a local youth-club in our hometown, which offered services to realize one’s dream of playing music without having to own expensive equipment. From there on it did not take us too long to fall in love, form a little band, start to make music and send demotracks out to Oli(ver Hafenbauer) and later the Shtum guys. Thank you for believing in what we try to do.

So far you’ve released two EPs on Die Orakel and Uncanny Valley’s offshoot Shtum and from what I know you have a couple of new records coming out soon. Please, tell us more about what you’ve been cooking lately.

First of all: Silence. Plus, we also might be involved in the mysterious R-ZONE cult, but we also might not be.

What’s your principal motivation while making music?

Trying to be moved by it ourselves and maybe make other individuals feel like they are witnessing something new, when listening to it.

Your sound taps into dubbed-out techno, folk samples and post jungle-y drum patterns with a unique appetite for transgressing labels and presumptions. Amongst which family of artists or labels do you feel belonging?

We do not feel like belonging anywhere. Which is as good as it is bad. That does not mean that we do not have any friends who have similar visions as we do.

Why picking the name of a famed French reformist as your moniker? A wink at your forward-thinking stance towards dance music clichés?

We did not pick his name – he does own an accent grave more than we do!

I remember you telling me that humour was an essential ingredient. Don’t you feel that a good part of the scene is a bit too serious? Perhaps lacking natural and spontaneity?

There is time for jokes and there is time for sincerity. Most people lack one side… Get your balance right !

What inspires you? Any secret places, obscure references or favorite human beings you draw inspiration from?

Koschies, as well as Grischa and Tamino. Oh, and Lydia and Leah too.

What kind of gear are you using? Any treasured piece in your studio that you’ll stick to through thick and thin?

Yes, we own something like that. :^)

What is a Jaures recording session like? Lots of jamming and fun I guess?

Fun : yes. Jamming : not really. We aren’t musicians, so it always takes a lot of time getting anywhere.

What’s your top 3 favorite tunes ever? I know, it’s a tough question!

For one of us the most influential track might be Prince of Denmark’s 187666 and for the other one probably Deux’s – Game and Performance. We can’t decide for a third track, so that has to be enough.

What would be your watchword?

One school – Two classes.

How do you see the future of Jaures?

Guess we are all mortal…

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