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2012 has been an exciting year for many young house producers, and one of the stars to shine brightest has been Brighton’s Lorca. After an intriguing split-release on Left_Blank last year, the young producer pulled out all the stops for his excellent first single; Can’t See Higher / Missed Me Out on Dummy. People are starting to take notice, and ahead of Lorca’s performance at Eastern Electrics Festival on Saturday 4th August we asked him to record a mix for our mix series.

“It’s a selection of some of my favorite tracks at the moment from the worlds of house, garage, techno and everything in between. Full of the stuff I’m listening to and playing in my sets right now.

The mix begins with the type of dance music you could quite happily listen to at home with a cup of tea before it progresses into a head banging, hands in the air 4am vibe. I was aiming for this mix to demonstrate the massive variety of sounds and styles that can be found in today’s UK club music.”

IA MIX 72 Lorca by Inverted Audio on Mixcloud