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Machine Woman

Ahead of Machine Woman‘s highly anticipated live performance at our Inverted Audio curated stage “Campfire Headphase” at Farr Festival (15th July), we asked the Russian born producer to showcase her penchant for downtempo and experimental music through a special mix.

In the interview below we divulge what preparations she’s made for her live set and how she envisages our stage to be like. Anastasia also talks up forthcoming releases, her top go-to ambient and experimental albums and what it means to be part of the Lobster Theremin extended family.

Interview by Tom Durston
"I'm not the person to ask about trends.
I still listen to old stuff like Slipknot,
Korn, Deftones and Scooter."

Please tell us about your mix? When and where was it recorded and what atmosphere have you set out to create?

I recorded this mix in parts at around 4am in Berlin. I always work at night as I find it’s the best time for me to concentrate and to really get into the sounds. However right now the sun rises early. I love nature but that is a distraction!

Atmosphere, well with my most recent releases I took on more house vibes, which I love but this mix is downbeat and experimental. Imagine if you were in Berlin at 4am when everyone is asleep but you’re craving coffee.

We last encountered each other in Berlin for the Farr Festival in store at OYE Kreuzkoelln. What have you been up to since then? Any interesting gigs, progressions in productions or recent collaborations to share?

Since the last time we saw each other… I went to see my mum’s graduation knitwear fashion show, which made me so proud. She breaks a lot of boundaries and ultimately influences the way I see the creative process. I am also playing a festival in Norway later this year and my mum and I are collaborating to create my stage outfit… it’s gonna be crazy, I’m excited!

Oh and I played at Concrete in Paris, which was one of the most intense experiences for me as a performer. I didn’t sleep the night before and I didn’t know what set to play, but my Lobster fam were there and I felt loved. It was weird, like a pure intense love from the crowd, from the Concrete crew and the Lobster Theremin family.

However I don’t recommend making a completely new set and tracks in your hotel room an hour before you go to play… I also fell in love in Paris with my taxi driver who took me to the train station. He looked effortlessly stylish with well-groomed hair, sunglasses and aftershave. He was playing Jazz through his car stereo and we spoke about music.

He asked me if I get recognised as an artist… I lied and said “all the time mate“. He smiled. I have his number (laughs). Maybe we will open up a Jazz club together in Paris someday, then you’ll all have to come and visit, it will be like a 1960’s French black and white film.

"My set at Farr Festival will mainly consist of
downbeat minimal beats and ambient soundscapes."

On Saturday 15th July you’re set to play a special live set at our ambient and experimental stage “Campfire Headphase” at Farr Festival. Being your debut appearance at Farr Festival – I’d like you to try to imagine and describe what you think the festival and stage will be like?

I’m really looking forward to playing at Farr Festival, I’m going full monty mate! As in I’m going to camp for the whole festival with my piano player. I will try to catch as many acts as possible. I haven’t been camping since 2009 so I can’t even imagine what it is going to be like, but I think it will be a lovely experience.

My set at Farr Festival will mainly consist of downbeat minimal beats and ambient soundscapes, which I have been working on recently. The piano player is an old friend of mine, she’s like family. We were in a band together when we were young and we still have that musical click, which is so hard to find.

She performs under the alias RunRain and when I hear her play it makes me cry. It’s very touching and personal and I want this to be present between us when we perform this summer at Farr Festival.

What’s your view on the current trend / resurgence surrounding ambient music?

I’m not the person to ask about trends. I still listen to old stuff like Slipknot, Korn, Deftones and Scooter.

Moving onto new productions – do you have any new releases in the works? Maybe a new collaboration with Peder Mannerfelt?

I have some new releases coming out soon on labels with different musical directions and also some remixes too. Peder and I are in contact but I think right now I’m in a very different place musically and so is he. Nothing is ruled out though.

"I think I am forever lost, but maybe
tomorrow I will arrive at my destination."

In our 2016 interview with you about “Geneau House” we discussed life in Berlin, you stated that you were still trying to “work out what I’m looking for and where I can find it” – is this still the case?

Ha that interview! Well right now I think I am forever lost, but maybe tomorrow I will arrive at my destination.

You’ve played in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and more – looking back, which events have been most memorable and why?

It’s hard to answer because I love traveling but hate flying. It affects me greatly and a lot of time I find it hard to connect to places because of that. For me it is the people that make my experience. Every time I visit a new place or an old place I feel grateful to have the opportunity.

What’s it like to be part of the Lobster Theremin fam and what opportunities does being part of the crew bring?

Well I have known Jimmy for a long time. I knew him before he started up Lobster Theremin and his positivity, charm and hard work got him where he is now. Lobster Theremin has connected a lot of people who share something special that I can’t quite explain. But going back to the point of being part of a collective, it has the benefits of mutual support that is done on pure love rather than financial gain.

What are your top 3 go to ambient / experimental albums?

  1. Jan Jelinek – Loop Finding Jazz Records
  2. Emptyset – Demiurge
  3. Ketev – Singular Stare

Who else are you looking forward to see perform at Farr Festival? 

Leafar Legov and Willow!!

Finally any words of wisdom or warning you’d like to share ahead of Farr Festival?

I would like to remind people to be kind to themselves and others around them… That’s it. See you in July!

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