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Mike Dehnert

Following previous features with Sascha Rydell and Roman Lindau, we caught up with Fachwerk label boss Mike Dehnert to discuss the roots of the label and how he thinks his record label has progressed since he established it in 2007.

Mike also discusses his experience in running the label, plus the makings of a special Fachwerk Live act, encompassing Roman Lindau, Sascha Rydell and Mike Dehnert all playing live together. Mike’s mix is 100% Fachwerk featuring a host of unreleased tracks, dubplates and special edits from the archives.

Hi Mike, thanks for recording your mix for Inverted Audio – Please can you tell us about your approach to the mix, edits, exclusives, how it was recorded, where it was made and what your overall aim was?

I mixed it at home in my second studio. It’s a mix between digital and vinyl because all the tracks I’ve included are either edits or are unreleased. So I have both digital files and also some 10” and 12” dub plates with tracks produced only for my DJ sets.

Sometimes I do two remix versions to find the right version for me to send it to the label. The funny is that I always play the unreleased remix version in my sets, like my remix of “The White Lamp Ride With You” for Scuba’s label Hotflush Recordings.

How does this mix translate in terms of a recent Mike Dehnert DJ set?

It’s not really a typical club DJ set, it’s more of a journey around some special achieved edits and tracks.

You must be incredibly proud of what you have achieved with running Fachwerk over the past 8 years – What are your most memorable moments of running the imprint?

For me everyday is a memorable moment. Keeping the test pressings and the finished pressings flowing, the smell of fresh pressed vinyls is the dream.

In your view has Fachwerk taken the direction in which you foresaw the label going when you initially established it?

For the music concept yes, of course, otherwise it would be not my label. However I never thought that I would get so much great feedback with this kind of concept, plus I get invitations to play around the world, so it has exceeded my expectations.

Sascha Rydell mentioned that you setup Fachwerk due to being “bored from the actual sound during this period (1997)” – Can you expand on that and list what really ticked you off and prompted founding the imprint?

Yes I missed Techno – When I started up Fachwerk it was primetime for “minimal” music. I’ve always been focused on Techno, but everybody (artists and distributors) told me that Techno makes no sense, and that it had no chance.

It was only in Berlin that it was possible to build up a new Techno concept. I guess the clubs and people in Berlin were open to new things and concepts. Now everybody makes Techno, especially the artists that told me that Techno wouldn’t work.

Looking back at how you went about setting up Fachwerk – What would you do differently, to perhaps make things easier today?

I have no idea. In the way of producing, selecting, making music there is no easier way. I don’t need an easier way!

In terms of releases on Fachwerk – what are your all time top 3 records?

All releases are top 3.

And what records did you wish you had released?

There are none.

What are you doing to develop Fachwerk? Online, Distribution, new producers, expanding the Fachwerk empire?

I’ve got a lot of new tracks still in process for the next few releases and for 2016.

Now I’m focusing on the upcoming 2 x 12” Album release “8 Years Fachwerk” out in September and the upcoming label nights like the Hotspots: Concrete (Paris), Berghain (Berlin), Culture Box (Copenhagen).

Let’s talk about your two contributions to “Before 8 Years Fachwerk? – What’s the story behind each track, what they make you feel when listening back to them, how you went about producing the tracks?

The “Before 8 Years Fachwerk EP tracks are still connected with the upcoming 2×12” album tracks. They’re a story about feeling the music.

It’s fascinating how you can put an emotion into a track, it’s like making a photo from an emotion or situation.

How do you feel your two tracks stand up alongside Sascha’s and Roman’s contributions?

I always try to keep the right contrast for a release, of course I can release a 4 track Techno 12″ with pumping DJ tools and tracks, but then you loose the contrast between the sounds and feelings.

So I spent a lot of time selecting the tracks to keep the right balance, and to contrast the sounds and feelings. 

Sascha talked about the “Fachwerk Sound” and how it has developed naturally over the years of running the label. What’s your take of this sound?

I can’t talk about sound that well; it would be the same when you dance about architecture. Don’t talk too much about it, just do it.

But sure, I am really proud about such a great compliment and feedback for the hard work of the last years. It’s proof that the concept of Fachwerk works well and that it motivates people who like and appreciate our unique philosophy of making music.

How do you envisage developing your music in the near future? A different approach perhaps, style, equipment and atmosphere?

It’s always an ever evolving process, but the next concept is to start setting up my live act, and we are still in the process for our special Fachwerk Live act (myself, Roman Lindau and Sascha Rydell all playing together live).

What other record labels do you frequently look to for records to buy or to soak up some inspiration?

I like concept labels such as Delsin, Clone, Ostgut Ton, and the crew around Echocord.

Apart from running the imprint, DJing and producing what else do you spend your time doing?

Writing emails… no I like to do a lot of sport and spend time with my family and friends.

Before 8 Years Fachwerk EP is out now on Fachwerk, order a vinyl copy from Delsin. Double pack “8 Years Fachwerk” is scheduled for release in June 2015.

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